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 From the Desk of the Bishop 

"Help me to maintain through the process of transition!”

Text: 2nd Samuel 9

Here are a few facts about the story of Mephibosheth

1). Mephibosheth was crippled by accident (it wasn't his fault)

2). He was broken in Lodebar but destined for the palace.

3). Even crippled, Mephibosheth deserved the royal treatment.

Mephibosheth left in a broken state and resided in a destitute place during a trying time. In spite of this God's favor for Johnathan showing kindness to David (Gods anointed king)spoke even from the grave. Favor moved heaven and sent GRACE looking with a divinely mandated assignment to:

A) Find Mephibosheth

B) Deliver him from Lodebar

C) Bring him to the king’s palace

D) Bestow upon Mephibosheth his princely possessions

E) Place him eternally in his predestined seat at the kings table and place him in the kings presence.

A broken place does not have to be the end of you!  Don’t allow the “accidents” in your life shape your divine purpose.


Remember that God has no respect of persons! Because He did it for Mephibosheth, He WILL do it for you!

–Bishop James K. Thomas

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